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Hoboken, NJ

Property Type
Loan Type
Loan Purpose
Closing Date
Retail / Mixed-Use
Preferred Equity
April 2015


August 2017
Loan Amount
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The Hoboken Portfolio included two retail properties and one mixed-used (retail and multifamily) property. Totaling 61,085 SF, the entire portfolio is located Hoboken which is proximate to Manhattan and the New York City metropolitan area. The portfolio included the original Hostess cupcake factory which was redeveloped into 42,000 SF of retail in 2006, complete with Hoboken’s first living green roof. The portfolio also includes the 8,085 SF Garden Street Lofts Retail, which is comprised of both retail and a 28-unit residential condominium building; and the 6,800 SF Willow Avenue mixed-use building, with multifamily residential units and ground floor retail space. The Hoboken Portfolio was realized in August 2017.

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